Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dave and Sandy Englehart - Race

The Pacific Cup is the genesis of our sailing experience. Invited to crew in late 1994 for the '96 Pacific Cup we embarked on the beginning of our adventure into the world of sailing.

The boat and crew never made it to the '96 Pac Cup, however we continued to pursue learning to sail, achieving US Sailing certifications from Basic Keelboat in J-24's to Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising, performance sailing, spinnaker classes in J-24's and J-80's, Coastal Navigation, Coastal Passage Making and Celestial Navigation .... all with an eye toward the goal of participating in the "Fun Race to Hawaii". Over the years the very boat we had been invited to crew back in '94 became ours in 1998. Again, a plan was set to refit the boat and prepare it for an ocean crossing as a proof of concept for the greater goal of taking the family and cruising. The support from the sailing community has been fantastic! We have met wonderful people and been mentored by some of the best: OCSC, Pineapple Sails, Aquarius Boat Works, and the Pacific Cup Yacht Club to mention a few. All of these fine people and organizations kept us on track to be safe, prepared, and ready to participate in the 2006 Pacific Cup.

Upon completion of the 2006 Race and followed by a successful return to California, energy high, enthusiasm peaked, preparation for another race was underway...... PacCup 2008. Did we mention this is the ONLY race we do? With the experience, perspective, and ever evolving skills necessary to accomplish such a goal, we look forward to sharing this unique experience with others. We are still preparing .... to sail faster and having a great time in the 2008 Pacific Cup.

Welcome aboard Compromise.
Dave and Sandy

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