Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Matt Maurer - Return

Started sailing at 9 got more serious around 14. Decided I wanted to sail around the world at 15. Always looking for a good adventure, especially big extravagant expeditions that I can't afford!! Most of the sailing I've done has been coastal including places like Washington/Canada, Maine, California of course, as well as summer sailing on Lake Michigan. I've never gone overboard... knock on wood! Although, there was this one time... long story!! Aside from sailing, I like to ride dirt bikes, mountain bikes, camp, hike, kayak occasionally, ski, snowboard, snowshoe, and tinker with all my toys. I'm 23 with three years of community college under my belt. I'll be joining the US Coast Guard in the next four mouths. I live on a thirty-foot boat in Santa Cruz Harbor. I am recently unemployed from a boat yard job I held for three years (slightly bitter, but things happen for a reason!). "... as one door closes, others open." This will be my first bluewater crossing. I've been invited to transit the Atlantic later this summer aboard a Deerfoot 63 out of Turkey.

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detayl said...


Did you tell them the story behind that lobster?

Be careful, or the animal rights people will be after you.

Whisper and her skipper are ever so jealous of you.

BTW - Be careful about crossing the Atlantic anytime after June. It's considered bad luck to be in the same ocean as a hurricane. No matter what boat you are on.

Don in Milwaukee