Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sandy Englehart - Return Skipper

My husband, David and I started sailing in 1995 with a good friend who wanted to do the 96 Pacific Cup. We ended up buying the boat from him and apparently we bought the dream as well. It took a few years to get ready. In the meantime our sons, Robbie and Timmy were born, slowing down the pace. Those two were practically born on the boat. We liked to get out on the water as a family and go anchor or moor somewhere. Sometimes we were just too tired to go anywhere and so we stayed at the dock. It was always fun.

Over the years we took courses, we practiced on the water, we probably rebuilt half of the boat, and eventually we felt she might be ready for the 06 start. We had never raced and that was ok with us because we were mainly going for the experience of crossing the ocean. Since we met all the requirements to do the race, we felt we could practice with the spinnaker on the way to Hawaii. Which we did. Last to arrive in Kaneohe 17 days later, we were not expecting to receive such a warm welcome!

I’ve discovered many things since the start of our experience of sailing to Hawaii and back. I discovered I love sharing the passion for sailing with others, some of whom have become good friends, and I am so excited to share this next adventure with them. I discovered that I love nearly all aspects of preparing the boat for a voyage, including the grunt work (is there any other kind??). Finally, I discovered that I love sailing, especially the challenges of trimming, driving, and navigating - things that make a boat go fast! When I arrive back in San Francisco, I will look forward to seeing the faces of my husband and two boys standing on the dock with fresh fruit and champagne for their salty wife and mom who will be in bad need of a shower!!

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