Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eliza - Spirits and Speeds are Up! 7/19/08 12:04 PDT

We are on day four, finally put the chute up, and I was able to wear shorts without long johns. Our speeds are up and our spirits are up. We had our first hot dinner last night and it was great. It is still overcast, but the moon was peeking through a bit last night and the sun peeking through a bit today. I am thankful for the cloud cover by day, as I know it will be hot soon enough. We are sailing pretty close to rhumb line, as the winds are allowing us to do so. I set the highest speed record for the boat so far at 12.5 knots this afternoon, but Sandy just broke it with a big wave and hit 13.9! I have a new goal. And I also need to learn how to sleep without trying to drive the boat. I can feel the boat doing things it shouldn't sometimes, and try to correct it in my sleep. I have been able to sleep better, though, which is great, as being out here is a lot of constant work. We are looking forward to more good, safe, and fun days.

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