Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun with Photoshop

Dave E called via sat phone yesterday afternoon. All is well and the team is in great spirits. However, they have not been able to transmit or receive Sailmail successfully since the 21st (with the exception of a single message from Eliza on the 23rd). I have been going through the SailMail docs looking for clues and will share my findings with Dave E this afternoon when he calls. Until then, our little space in the blogosphere is bereft of content. Hopefully all will be sorted out and the crew of Compromise will once again be posting their unique takes on the crossing. Until then, I have taken screen captures from the satellite tracker (position as of 22:34 PDT 7/23) and Passage Weather (o6 UTC 7/24) to create a "mashup" of things to come (click the image for an enlarged view). Fun with Photoshop.

Dave T

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