Monday, July 28, 2008

Gorgeous blue water and big waves - Eliza

it is truly hard to believe that this life as i know it for the past 2 weeks is nearing an end. we are 150 miles away. it is very exciting. the weather is beautiful today with bright sun, gorgeous blue water, and BIG waves. driving is manageable today, although last night was filled with squalls. there were no stars, was no moon, and yet you could see these massive dark clouds hovering behind you. then you can feel the cooler wind... and then you start holding on! i drove through a pretty nasty one with gusts up to 32 knots. we did NOT have the spinnaker up. we could not have handled that and heard of other boats in the same weather who had major problems with their spinnakers - sheets running through their hands so fast that it bled and then the heat cauterized it shut! crazy stuff out here, but we are thankful for a nice day, which should be our LAST full day on the water. we expect to arrive in the morning and tom assures me he will be there waiting with mai tais in hand. i have dreamt of that moment daily for almost the whole trip. thanks to the many of you who sent email messages. they were very treasured and lifted my spirits. when we get in and are rested, i will properly reply, and of course have some great pictures to share. i am about to go on deck and wash my hair - a HUGE treat which you are ALL taking for granted. :) then i am on for another driving shift. before we know it, we will see land for the first time in two weeks. love and aloha!

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