Sunday, July 20, 2008

Leslie - what a night we had

Hi Everyone-

Read Sandy's post from today and you will all see what a night we had. After all that, we just got finished listening to the standings and we are still 6th in our division, which excited us all as we didn't lose our standing. The look on Dave E.'s face was priceless.

Mom, we are harnessed to the boat at all times. Having said that, I was on the foredeck helping Dave E. bring the Spinnaker down yesterday morning as she was getting squirrelly. We rounded down a bit (boat tilted down wind) , and I ended up to my knees in water. I was well braced so no worries. It was quite warm! Yes, Sally, we all thought of you.

The crew has worked incredibly together through some tough stuff. Dave E. and Sandy have remained calm and steady and I am proud of all of our efforts. Dave was pretty fired up with excitement at the end of all of it.

Beautiful blue waters and easy winds today. Thank goodness... we all need a rest. I was up on the deck last night until 2 a.m. so Sandy and Dave could rest. I was up at 6 to clean as this place was a wreck from the havoc. I am sleeping fine when I can and that continues to be a blessing.

My best,


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