Friday, July 18, 2008

A Message from the Skipper 7/17/08 18:45 PDT

Compromise is the Kelly Green dot (position as of 7/18 02:28 PDT)

We are into our third day out here and I've been having a tough time getting to email. There is just no time for the chatty kind so I'm thinking the blog is the way to go. (thank you Dave Thornley). The first day was paradise with light seas and light winds but not nearly as light as I feared. We were scooting along and it was exhilarating. the mood of the crew ranged from pleasant to gleeful. Everybody gets along wonderfully, and Compromise is kicking in more than her fair share of the glee. None of the difficulties we experienced last time, and there were many, and I could write a long list of improvements but it's too long, and many already know of them all. Anyway, we could have used a bigger "genny" the first day but getting 9 knots out of 11 kts wind, or and I swear, 7 knots out of 7 kts wind, is nothing to complain about. Somebody give me another word for exhilarating. the nights have been overcast but we know there is a moon up there because we can still see.

Quote of the day from day 1:
"Well despite sailmail, vhf, hf, weatherfax, gribfiles, maybe 3 gps's, radar, satphone and a transponder, I still feel we are finally off the grid". Dave E.
The second day brought more difficult conditions but we are also going faster. Still, the going is difficult but still happy making even though we are completely exhausted by the end of our shifts. I am listening to Eliza as I write talking to David about driving conditions and boat speed and they are some happy people up there. We know we are about 6th in our division and I think it was 15th overall as of yesterday 5pm, which is wonderful, but things will change as the fast boats launch, and as the rest of us sort out the outcome of our strategies. It seems like we all have a similar plan so far. We see the occasional boat, mostly at night when we can see a masthead light and then we wonder if we're hallucinating but the radar confirms a couple. We can only see about 2 miles to the horizon unless somebody climbs the mast. Can't get any takers on that. In the middle of last night I was thinking my favorite new piece of equipment was the wheel cover given to us by Eliza, Tom, and John. Not only is it so much more comfortable when you are thinking you can't turn the wheel too many more times, it has a thick leather strap marking straight ahead on the rudder. We realized that you can tell when rudder is centered without having to look at it. A big yayy. Still, for christmas, Santa Claus, I WANT A TILLER!!! that's all.... oh, and my least favorite new thing on the boat? It's crest toothpaste made with green tea extract. bleachhhh!!!

OK I have to get to work before everybody thinks I'm down here reading dirty novels and eating chocolates (that is for you, Linda, Penny and Jan.) My feet hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts, my forearm muscles are almost numb, but driving and trimming are still the most fun jobs on the boat. We think the wind might permit spinnaker flying pretty soon . . . . Sandy

Robbie and Timmy, I love you, I love you, I love you! Glad you're having a good time and I'll write again soon. Mom

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Lynch said...

Hey Englehart's,

Days one and two are in the books. All is well at Camp Summerhill. Today (Friday) was spent in the city at the Exploratorium. Both boys had a great time, each had their own personal docent (Robbie and Kevin - Timmy and Colleen) Kathleen was the floater.

Glad to hear all is well on the high seas. From the looks of the plot you are holding your own.

Talk to you again later.