Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Boat Speed - 8.74 kn
Lat - N 36 38
Long - W 143 51
Wind Speed 20.6
Heading - Dead Down Wind
Course - 030-050

Records were made to be broken. Matt's surfing record was broken this morning by Lorraine (13.3) so now we are gunning for the race record set by Eliza of 14.2 (presumably with the ounce and a half kite). Swells are up and I am experiencing surfing on a 37-foot boat. I've heard of it before but like most things I nod my head and smile then shrug my shoulders. Now I know what they are talking about. Surfing occurs when you are sailing dead down wind (wind from the back of the boat). Wave trains lift the boat from the stern and send it on a quick E-Ticket ride down the wave. I caught a wave this afternoon (actually it caught me) that lifted the back of the boat and sent me forward at 11.3 knots then slowed back down to 7.5 knots. Fun as it sounds, it's also a lot more work for the driver - at least that has been my experience.

It's Wednesday night so that must mean the crew from Golden Moon is huddled around the bar at the OYC enjoying a few beers. Sandy and I miss you all and look forward to joining you - maybe on the 20th if Sandy's prediction comes true!

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