Sunday, August 10, 2008

After the Squall (continued)

Lorraine is a great crew member. Along with her good spirits and extensive driving experience, she also brings a daily cleaning schedule which includes wiping down all surfaces with Clorex wipes. I can see Dave E's grin all the way across the water. We are a clean ship and in good order. We are so very lucky to have Matt Mauer with us. Along with his tremendous sailing skills and knowledge of Compromise after working on her at Aquarius boat works, he is also a genuinely nice guy who is extremely polite. Sandy is our navigator and skipper - she is an inspiring leader who always has a smile on her face. As for me, I have learned what Sandy calls the "Compromise Curtsy", a nice move to nod left then dip right and repeat as you go through omnipresent wave trains on our starboard bow. I have also learned that when you don't perform the Compromise curtsy, you are rewarded with a PDP or personal downpour from the water landing on the driver's head. That will make you learn fast!

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