Friday, July 25, 2008

600 Miles from Hawaii

Hello All-

OK, I must admit, I am tired, sore and a bit frustrated, yet managing to inhale each moment of this epic adventure. I have abandoned driving for now. I am disappointed with myself, but the relief is huge. Last night it was very dark and battling squalls and windshifts was tough- especially given my lack of downwind driving experience. A preventer broke at about
2 a. m. while I was driving and I have never seen a main jibe so fast in my life. Sandy's head was way too close.... I am tired and what focus I have had is diminishing. I take great satisfaction in seeing my skills grow on the foredeck and in the cockpit with gybes and gybe sets, and am trying to focus on those tasks.

It is hard for me to intuitively go with the windshifts and the mental stress lately has been great. Everyone has been very supportive of my decision... I just need a break from the nighttime sailing school. It physically stresses everyone, though. Really, we only have 3 downwind drivers and the physical energy of staying behind the helm is great.

Dave and Sandy have been wonderful to me in more ways than I can possibly say. They are patient, encouraging and come from the school of life where every moment is a learning experience. Eliza and John bring contributions that I have greatly benefited from- I am lucky to a part of this crew.

At this moment the skies are blue, the sun is setting, and the breeze is perfect. I must go now to the galley and clean up the dishes. Fresh cole slaw and chicken alfredo!

We are about 600 miles from Hawaii...4 days ahead is a good estimate. Aloha.


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