Friday, July 25, 2008

Fresh Water on Dirty Hair

we have been w/o email for a few days, but we are doing OK. this is hard work! my hands hurt. my arm muscles ache, and i am very tired. tom and the crew on bullet should arrive sat and we may not until mon or tues. we shall see. if we can keep up speed, we can do it. driving is the challenge - someone must always be behind the wheel and there are only three of us who can manage the heavy winds, myself included. i have a nighttime driving story in my head ready to write... will get onto the blog when i have more time. short story is -- strange to drive in blackness at 3AM and a bit freaky if you let your head get away from you. those of you who know me well know that i can tend to jump at the slightest noise or disturbance from behind. so here i am driving a boat in darkness. the moon is behind the clouds. a wave comes up aside us. omg, is it a whale? (two boats have hit whales so far, but no major damage!) is it a log we are going to crash into? there are dark shadows in the water. but then a squall comes in and thankfully all i can do is concentrate on keeping the boat straight and fast. i don't care too much about the rain b/c the fresh water feels good on my dirty hair. we hope to arrive in a few days. please write (but no large files, pls), as getting a message is a true treat.

best wishes, eliza

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