Friday, July 18, 2008

Concern? I don't have to show you no stinkin' concern

Apple, Apple, Apple . . . .

I established a dot mac account for the purpose of this darn race. Clean account, no SPAM, no filters. All is good. Then weird stuff happens. Emails don't get sent, the "geniuses" don't have answers, and no communication with Compromise in 24 hours. Hmmmmm. Walk away from the computer and don't show concern and certainly don't share with others. Turns out Apple is having "problems" with their transition from dot mac to Mobile Me, just as we begin the flippin' race!
A "30-day extension to their subscription free of charge"? Approximate retail value: $8.25. Apple values your time and frustration at less than minimum wage.

Your CCO is now up at Trinks in Gualala and a whole slew of messages (11) from Compromise have come in and ALL IS WELL!!!!! I am working my way through them, copy/pasting to loved ones, posting on the blog, and generally in a much better mood. Hopefully this will be the last communication from me and the remainder will be from the crew.

Dave T.

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