Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Importance of Being Earnest

(as a communications officer)
Children's hour came and went this evening giving me an opportunity to finally hear from Compromise. I have been preoccupied by visions of the 2006 race when Dave E's computer was smashed preventing the anticipated ship to shore communications via SailMail thus leaving this 2008 blog of the race bereft of content. A pair of messages finally came in and life on Compromise for Dave E, Eliza, John, Leslie, and Sandy is nothing short of perfect.

Sandy drafted a very sweet letter to her boys at 1:30 AM while downloading some weather which she finished 12 hours later then sent for me to pass on to Robby and Timmy. The letter was for the boys but I will say that in Sandy's words, she's on cloud 9! She described the wind and waves as "just perfect" then painted a verbal portrait of a sunset with a pod of dolphins criss-crossing the bow of Compromise. The winds this afternoon were between 13 and 15 knots. This same passage in 2006 took place in 30 knot winds with 15 foot seas and some sea-sick crew.

A word on how you can follow the race. I have posted a series of links to the right which provide information about the race.
  • 2008 Pacific Cup - the official website of the Pacific Cup Yacht Club
  • Daily Position Reports - roll call takes place at 09:00 PDT. Click the day of the month on the calendar to check Compromises position (they are in Division B)
  • Satellite Tracking Device - Each boat has been supplied with a satellite tracking device provided by the PCYC. To follow Compromise, select Boat Selector, click Div B, then select Boat Selector again. You will need to zoom in so use the tools provided

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