Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wednesday, August 6,2008

After the Squall
Lorraine called it! Lorraine and I were on watch while Sandy and Matt were getting some much needed rest after their two-hour on/off watch schedule last night. Lorraine and I switched off driving every half hour which seemed to work well for the two of us this morning. Lorraine had been tracking a squall and asked to have the jib furled. Team meeting, jib furled, Matt and Sandy go back to sleep. Winds never exceeded 22 so once the winds stabilized between 15 and 20, Lorraine asked me to unfurl the jib walking me through it step by step. Matt and Sandy came up later and were the beneficiaries of Lorraine's foresight hitting the squall soon thereafter. Sandy said winds never exceeded 27 but it was a ride. We are charging and motoring now after exciting the squall at a speedy 3.5 kn. Fridge is on, time to write friends.

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